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Our primary goal is to create an optimal connection between school and football for our students. In order to do justice to each child, we work closely with various schools in the area (see Educational Pathways). After school, two supervised homework periods, learning aids and DaF lessons are offered daily for the students, during which qualified supervisors are available to help the student with questions, to enter and sign grades and to date the student's current learning progress.


In terms of football, our priority is to support and develop young and talented players. To this end, we offer our students the opportunity to train daily under professional conditions and under the guidance of licensed coaches according to modern training science aspects. In addition to the daily team training, we offer individual training sessions in line with the DFB's guiding principle of "weakening the weaknesses and strengthening the strengths".

Our aim is to improve every single player from week to week and to get closer to his dream step by step. In addition to the training sessions on the pitch, our trained physiotherapist works with the student individually 2-3 days a week as needed to catch up physically or to build up a physical advantage over others.

Each of our players should reach the highest possible league appropriate to their talent, which is why we are always keen to arrange tryouts, sightings and performance comparisons. Due to the regular contact of our coaches with other junior training centres, we are well connected in the region.


However, it is not only the football skills alone that are important to us, but also the individual development of the personality and the learning of social skills, which are therefore trained and monitored daily by pedagogical specialists (see Pedagogy). Through socially committed projects such as intercultural events, kindergarten sports or our annual city run, we actively demonstrate social commitment to our students and involve them in these projects at an early stage. By managing school and football under one roof, our students learn a certain independence and sense of responsibility.

They learn to accept decisions, to be able to fit in, but also an understanding of criticism and absolute fairness in sport and in community life. If we now look at the connection between these three main goals, the development of football, the attainment of the best possible school-leaving certificate and individual personality development, our mission statement is clear to see.


Our mission statement is the benchmark for our actions.


Furthermore, all students of the JFL are looked after 24 hours a day, they are presented with a structured daily routine and helped with their weekly planning. Sports-oriented nutrition and education for sustainability are also part of the program.

Transparency with parents is also very important to us, so they are kept regularly informed about injuries, school performance, sporting progress and the student's personal behaviour. This is done not only by notification but also during our regular events and celebrations, or at our end-of-year competency talks.

After a student leaves our JFL as planned, he has achieved his best possible school-leaving qualification, has matured in his personality and has taken the next step in his football career. Even if a player has taken the next step in his football career and graduated from school with us, but it is not enough for a professional contract, we can show some ways as a "Plan B".


After graduation, we often help our students with the transition to professional life. We benefit from our good networks and relationships with companies in the region, cooperation partners and sponsors. Whether internships, FSJ, apprenticeships or dual studies, we are happy to accompany our students in the application phase.

Those who have grown fond of the Wolvpack family and its environment are often offered the opportunity to follow the above-mentioned career paths in our institution (see educational paths).

We stand up for mutual respect and fair play, for participation and co-determination regardless of age, gender, origin and religion. We clearly oppose racism and violence!