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Educational pathways


Every young footballer has the dream of becoming a professional footballer. Because let's be honest, who wouldn't want to be the next Messi, Ronaldo or Mbappe!


But behind that lies a lot of work, discipline, talent and especially luck.


A backup in the form of a second leg or a "Plan-B" is therefore always advantageous and important




After completing their school career, we want to show our boarding school students the possibilities of apprenticeships, courses of study or FSJ measures. The good networks and relationships we have with our sponsors, patrons and cooperation partners are helpful in this regard. In order to really do justice to every child, we work together with various schools in the area:


Seilergymnasium Schlotheim (5 minutes walk)

Realschule Schlotheim (2 minutes walk)

Thomas-Müntzer School Mühlhausen

Mühlhausen Protestant School Centre

Breitsülze Vocational School Centre Mühlhausen

Karl-Johann-Wezel School Sondershausen


We offer transport services to these schools via the boarding school, which are provided by JFL-Schlotheim staff. Nevertheless, there is also the possibility to travel to the schools by bus from Schlotheim with normal bus connections.

For those who have come to love us and our facility and its surroundings so much that they can't imagine life without JFL-Schlotheim, we offer the opportunity to start an apprenticeship, for example as a sports and fitness specialist, or to do an FSJ at our boarding school.


We currently have four "home-growns" working in the performance centre, three of whom have made the leap from former player to apprentice to permanent position. Football not only needs well-trained players, but also very good coaches, which is why it is possible and even desirable for the new employees in the sporting area to take their coaching licences with us, with the costs incurred being completely covered by us.