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Young ambitious footballers from all over Germany and the world are part of the "Wolvpack" family.

They are ambitious, talented and love football. They all have the same goal, to become professional footballers !

Life at the football boarding school is often more than a full-time job. The day starts at 6:30 am and often does not end until 8:30 pm after the last study period.

The daily routine is complex and demanding. Nevertheless, with our dedicated and qualified staff of tutors, we succeed in supporting the students to get closer to their goal step by step.

In principle, we perform identical tasks as they do as parents, only for 59 children of different backgrounds, prerequisites and character traits in individual care and this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Since our facility does not only have single and double rooms, "social learning" takes place in a pronounced form, because living together with two or three peers in one room has many positive effects on one's own development. The acquisition of valuable social skills is much easier in a lived community.

Mutual respect, care, trust and reliability form the basis of living together in a pack, maturing as a personality and later surviving in the shark tank of professional football or professional life.

Thus, soloists and egoists certainly have a hard time with us at first, but can then relatively quickly develop their skills as "team players".