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The role of medicine has increased greatly in modern football, which is why we are very active in injury prevention and treatment.

That's why we have been working very closely with the sports clinic in Erfurt since 2015.


Dr. Peter Ullmann, head of the sports clinic, has been looking after the boys with his expert knowledge ever since and is a constant contact for our students and staff.


If, for example, an injury occurs during a game at the weekend, we can go to the sports clinic on Monday to have the severity of the injury assessed. In addition to first aid, rehabilitation plays a major role in order to be able to resume training as well prepared as possible.


Therefore, our students are excellently looked after by the practice for physiotherapy Ellen Sacher in Schlotheim, our athletics trainer and qualified physiotherapist Max Aberle as well as physiotherapist Tomasz Lisinski.


For general illnesses, Dr. Yvonne Zech, a specialist in general medicine, is our first port of call.


Since all these things require a lot of work and cannot simply be done on the side, there is a special medical supervisor, Ms Kurzner, who organises and coordinates the entire process and is in constant contact with the doctors, physiotherapists, coaches and parents.