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We have been an official partner of the University of Applied Management since 2021. 


Study comfortably alongside your job, family and sport - with the innovative semi-virtual study concept.


You learn from real managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Apply the knowledge directly in business practice.


Through JFL Schlotheim, you have the opportunity to take dual cooperative courses at the respective universities, such as "Sports Management with a focus on training and coaching around football".


Take advantage of the opportunity to gain professional experience in parallel via a dual or part-time degree programme and secure a competitive advantage on the labour market.


The DHGS degrees meet the highest quality standards.


Through our cooperation partner "Square Sports", we make it possible for Asian boys to come to Germany and train and learn according to our standards. 


Thanks to the good and close cooperation with the schools, the boys also attend a daily language class in addition to the German lessons at the JFL.


Our longest cooperation is with IFX. Thanks to the good cooperation in recent years, many boys from North and South America, among others, have found their way to our performance centre in Schlotheim. 


Through an exchange year with us, the boys learn a lot about the German language and culture and can compete with the best players from the national and regional leagues.